Monday, September 8, 2014

Revist the old...

I started a new album of photos for Oliver's third year on my flickr site, so the slideshow over on the right for a while won't be very exciting.... but it's a great time to revisit the older albums...

Adventures of tiny Ollie newborn through first birthday
Ollie's second year


Can you believe that this guy just turned two?
We had a tiny party for him on his birthday (which was on Saturday). My folks came over and we had a cake, and cupcakes in ice cream cones which big brother Gibson helped me make.

He moved into a big boy bed last month, and he's had a pretty good track record for staying in it all night long. It seems like every day he picks up a new word. He has so much to say. And so much love to give. I'm so lucky to watch him become a little person.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

hanging out at the playground


My favorite thing about Oliver's current age is when he looks up at me and in his adorable little baby voice says, 'Hug!' and reaches up for a cuddle.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Come! Go!

Ollie picks up more and more words every day.
Cat. door, no!, book, clock (which was his first real word, btw), come, and go (and so much more i'm forgetting). He uses come as a catchall demand for something... For instance he'll hand me two pieces of train track and say, 'come' when he wants me to put it together, and he'll give it to me and say, 'go' when he's all done.  It's cute.

He is scary good at picking up words. Scary because I have to watch what I say even more now, because he will repeat a random word from something I've said. And then it'll be part of his lexicon.

He's doing well. He had a checkup a few weeks ago and I forgot to update his weight/size stats. He's healthy and walking around and eager to explore everything (especially if we go someplace new).

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Museum of natural history.

To beat the winter blues Ollie and the rest of us went to the Museum of Natural History and out to lunch with some friends. Oliver did well, despite wanting to get up and walk around and chase after his brother. Mean Mommy and Daddy made him stay in the stroller most of the time. (that's a dinosaur egg he's trying to liberate in that photo, by the way)