Monday, September 8, 2014

Revist the old...

I started a new album of photos for Oliver's third year on my flickr site, so the slideshow over on the right for a while won't be very exciting.... but it's a great time to revisit the older albums...

Adventures of tiny Ollie newborn through first birthday
Ollie's second year


Can you believe that this guy just turned two?
We had a tiny party for him on his birthday (which was on Saturday). My folks came over and we had a cake, and cupcakes in ice cream cones which big brother Gibson helped me make.

He moved into a big boy bed last month, and he's had a pretty good track record for staying in it all night long. It seems like every day he picks up a new word. He has so much to say. And so much love to give. I'm so lucky to watch him become a little person.