Wednesday, September 18, 2013

1 year checkup

1 year checkup by Venus In Furs
1 year checkup, a photo by Venus In Furs on Flickr.
Yesterday we took Oliver to the doctors office for his 1 year checkup. All is good in Oliver-land. He's big (in the 91st % for height and 87% for weight) and healthy. He got a couple shots and a TB test and he took them like a champ.

He's babbling and toddling and eating everything he can get his hands on.  He's becoming a little person, and starting to develop a little personality. It's nice to watch. It's also heart warming to see him toddle and lunge after his brother. Finally, after months of being tackled by Gibson he's at long last able to tackle back. I'm sure it's the just the start of the antics.

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